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You should change your AC filters at the recommended intervals and clean them regularly. Airflow in grounded outdoor units needs special care to prevent build-up of debris, clutter, weeds, or landscaping. Please keep it safe from children and pets. You should contact a professional contractor for safe and ongoing maintenance.

Low refrigerant is the most common reason an AC system freezes up. Over time, leaks cause the system to lose refrigerant which lowers the pressure inside the system. When the refrigerant with low freon levels expands, it produces a colder temperature and the moisture in the air freezes around the evaporator coil and prevents it from working.

Another reason is dirty evaporator coils which cause a loss of airflow and the unit to freeze up. A defective blower motor can also lead to the same result.

Stopping and starting and a system consumes a lot of electricity without instant cooling. In general, a smaller system is more economical because it will consume less power than an extensive system that cycles on and off, but it will also be less efficient. So, a unit is less expensive with an on-and-off setup than the one cycling on and off.

Your home’s architecture and your personal preference are the keys to finding this answer. In general, ductless systems and heat pumps are more efficient than central AC units. Other factors to consider include the cost (installing a ductwork system is expensive) and climate (heat pumps work best in areas with moderate winter temperatures).